We sell replacement accessory kits, garage kits, hoses, carpet brushes, power heads, attachments, filters and vacuum bags for M&S central vacuum systemsA variety of installation materials and other accessories are also available.   M&S central vacuums are no longer manufacturer manufactured.   If you need to replace your M&S power unit, you can replace it with a different brand.  Click here to view our selection.

We sell the DMC1 and DMC3-4 M&S intercom systems.  We offer complete intercom system kits, individual components and installation materials.  We also sell replacement parts for older models.  Click here to view our M&S intercom selection.

M&S started designing and manufacturing central vacuum, intercom and music systems in 1953 under the brand name Music & Sound.  The Filtex brand of central vacuums was subsequently added.  Around 2000, all central vacuum equipment was consolidated under the AirVac brand.  M&S was acquired by Linear in 2004.  Linear discontinued the central vacuum line in late 2014.  Use of the Linear company name was discontinued in 2015.  The company now operates under the parent company name, Nortek.

Nortek offers modern intercom systems under the M&S brand as well as many other products.


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