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Retractable hose systems are becoming a very popular choice for consumers that install central vacuum systems in place of a standard vacuum system.  A Hide-A-Hose inlet allows the consumer to pull out a hose at each location and not have to be carry a hose from inlet to inlet.  This makes using a central vacuum system much more accessible and easy.  Hoses can run anywhere from 32 to 60 feet.  Since the hose is being being stored in the pipe and not carried, a longer hose can be used.  This helps cut down on installation cost.  

Hide-A-Hose inlets require special mounting brackets, fittings, hoses, attachment sets, and installation techniques.  Since the hose stores inside the piping a longer length of piping run with special fittings will be required.  Once the piping run has been completed the vacuum is installed with standard vacuum fittings.  A unit needs to be sized accordingly in order to pull in a retractable hose.  Please talk with our staff for the proper unit to use with a retractable hose system.

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