Hayden Filters

We offer replacement Hayden central vacuum filters.  Over the years, foam, pleated cartridge and inverted bag type were used.  The foam filters are washable. After years of use, the foam starts to deteorate and must be replaced.  Two types of pleated paper have been used - washable and non-washable.  These are the same size and interchangeable.

For Hayden units that have the inverted bag type, when the vacuum unit is running, the filter inverts and prevents debris from entering the motor. A sandbag sewn into the center of the filter causes the filter to fall and drop the debris into the dirt bucket.

Filters are listed by their part number.  If you don't know the filter number but do know the model number of your central vacuum unit, go to our Parts Finder to easily find the exact filter for your vacuum unit. 

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