Hayden 818744-G Washable Cartridge Filter Replacement

Brand: Hayden| Model Number: 818744-G  | Product SKU: 53300 

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This is a generic cartridge filter that fits most Hayden central vacuum units.  The filter is washable with a durable rubber gasket that holds up in multiple washes.  To see if this is the correct filter for you model, please visit our parts finder.  

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  • Q:

    I need a filter for a Super Vac 2400 , can I used a washable filter? If I do would you tell me which one I need? Thank you.


    This is the correct filter.

    Answered on: 9/29/2022 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    will this filter fit my Hayden Super vac 6000


    Yes, this will fit the Hayden central vacuums that take a cartridge filter.  

    Answered on: 3/27/2023 4:00:00 AM

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