What is a Central Vacuum Hose Sock?

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  • What is a Central Vacuum Hose Sock?

    What is a hose sock... And do I need one?

     A hose sock is a fabric protector for your central vacuum hose.  The hose cover provides a soft barrier between the central vacuum hose and the objects being cleaned. It protects against damage to your molding, walls, floors, and furniture which could be scratched or scuffed when the hose is pulled from room to room.  Each hose cover is made from a soft durable fabric and is compatible with all central vacuum hoses. 

    What types of hose socks are available?

    Padded or Quilted


    • Zippered for easy installation & removal
    • Washable
    • More durable than knit style



    • Bulkier
    • Does not cling to hose

    Knit Sock


    • Cardboard tube facilitates installation
    • Glides around objects more easily
    • Less expensive



    • Difficult to remove to clean


    To view our selection of hose socks go to https://qualityhomesystems.com/shop-by-category/hose-socks/ . Please contact our friendly experts if you need help in selecting the proper hose sock for your central vacuum hose.


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