IntraSonic RETRO-MVPAC 5-Room Vertical Intercom Kit White With Bluetooth

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The Intrasonic 5-Room Vertical Intercom Kit includes all of the components necessary to retrofit your existing intercom system. The RETRO-MVPAC allows you to use your existing wiring when replacing your old intercom system. This package includes the following:

  • (1) Intrasonic Retro-M Master Station. This features:
    • A built-in AM/FM radio with 10 preset options.
    • A Portable Music Player to plug and play downloaded or streamed music from a wide variety of MP3 devices.
    • USB connectivity to charge your MP3 device as it plays.
    • Bluetooth Receiver sets inside the docking area to stream music from a nearby smart phone or tablet.
    • Hands free operation with an IREMOTE control option.
    • The ability to control music and intercom features such as volume levels, bass and treble levels, and clock settings.
  • (5) Intrasonic Retro-5R Room Stations. These feature:
    • The ability to select from 2 music source options in every room, enabling different music sources to be played in different rooms. For example, you could listen to the radio in one room and your MP3 player in another.
    • Communication with the master station and all door stations.
  • (1) Intrasonic Retro-5D Door Station. This features:
    • Weather resistance
    • Hands free communication with all other stations to verify the identity of the guest before opening the door.
    • Door chime selection
    • Optional door release.
  • (1) Intrasonic Retro-5P Patio Station. This features:
    • Weather Resistance
  • (6) Vertical Room/Patio Adaptor/Trim Plates
  • (1) Master Trim Plate
  • (1) Portable Music Player Door
  • (1) Bluetooth Receiver


Additional features of the Intrasonic RETRO-MVPAC 4-Room Vertical Intercom Kit include:

  • The ability to monitor single or multiple zones.
  • Automatic Selective Call Technology: calls are broadcasted throughout the home, but once the call is answered, it becomes private between the stations in use.
  • Hands free communication for the party receiving the call.
  • The option to connect to ceiling or in-wall speakers from the master, room and patio stations.
  • The ability to expand to a maximum of 13 zones (room and patio stations) and 2 door stations.


Features of IntraSonicRETRO-MVPAC 5-Room Vertical Intercom Kit White With Bluetooth

  • Door Bell True
  • Installation Type Replacement
  • Intercom Type Hybrid
  • iPod Connectivity Internal
  • CD Player False
  • Video False
  • Radio True
  • Door Chime 5 Choices
  • Monitor True
  • Privacy True

Specifications of IntraSonicRETRO-MVPAC 5-Room Vertical Intercom Kit White With Bluetooth

  • Number of Inside Speakers 5
  • Warranty-Years 2

Product Q/A of IntraSonicRETRO-MVPAC 5-Room Vertical Intercom Kit White With Bluetooth

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Questions and Answers for IntraSonicRETRO-MVPAC 5-Room Vertical Intercom Kit White With Bluetooth

  • Q:

    Have existing intercom. Can I replace old and can more stations be added? I may need a total of 10.


    Old stations can be replaced while existing wiring can be used.  The existing units require an update frame so there does not need to be any drywall patching.  Newly installed units would use a new construction ring.  All systems that we carry can handle up to 10 intercom stations at a minimum.    

    Answered on: 10/17/2016 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    Is it possible to use the new intercom system with the old components as well? Our house has a nutone speaker built in the exterior of our home. It would be nice to keep this feature for music.


    All components must be from Intrasonic to work.  The speaker would need to be replaced.  If you call in at 800-533-3249, we can help with a customized quote.  You can use all of the existing wiring.  

    Answered on: 7/23/2019 4:00:00 AM

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