AirVac 226117 Filter Bag

Brand: AirVac| Model Number: 226117  | Product SKU: 14113 


This product is No Longer Available,view product info

The AirVac 226117 is an inverted filter bag that is designed for discontinued AirVac and M&S central vacuum units.   This is the genuine filter.  It replaces part numbers 112996-1, 112996-2, 112996-3, 112996-4 and 112996-5.

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The 226117 filter is no longer available.  It can be replaced with the Honeywell 110358 Filter Bag.

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Features of AirVac226117 Filter Bag

  • Filter Type Inverted Bag

Product Q/A of AirVac226117 Filter Bag

There are 0 Questions asked and 0 Answered
  • M&S - ZV3500
  • Filtex - ZV3500

Reviews of AirVac226117 Filter Bag

Posted By: on   4/14/2015 4:00:00 AM
This seemed very expensive for not very high quality.

Product Documents for AirVac226117 Filter Bag

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