Smart 110358 Filter Bag

Brand: Smart| Model Number: 110358  | Product SKU: 51373 


The 110358 replacement 14 inch inverted filter bag fits several Dust Care, Honeywell and Smart central vacuum units.  It  is also a replacement for all AirVac and M&S units that used an inverted filter bag.   It is a permanent, drop down, self-cleaning filter.  When vacuuming, the bag with the weight inside it is sucked into the central vacuum unit's main canister.  When the power is turned off, the filter falls and shakes off the debris. 

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Features of Smart110358 Filter Bag

  • Filter Type Inverted Bag

Product Q/A of Smart110358 Filter Bag

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  • AirVac - AV2500
  • M&S - AV2500
  • AirVac - AV3500
  • M&S - AV3500
  • AirVac - AV4500
  • M&S - AV4500
  • AirVac - AV5500
  • M&S - AV5500
  • Honeywell - H803B
  • Honeywell - H803A
  • Honeywell - H802A
  • Honeywell - H802
  • Smart - PU801A
  • Dust Care - DCC4
  • Dust Care - DCC5
  • AirVac - AV425
  • AirVac - AV600
  • AirVac - AV700
  • AirVac - ZV3500
  • AirVac - AV525
  • AirVac - AV625
  • M&S - AV425
  • M&S - AV600
  • M&S - AV700
  • M&S - AV525
  • M&S - AV625
  • M&S - ZV3500
  • Filtex - ZV3500

Reviews of Smart110358 Filter Bag

Product Documents for Smart110358 Filter Bag

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Questions and Answers for Smart110358 Filter Bag

  • Q:

    Purchased for my M&S AV600. Seems to be too small. How do I install it?


    This is the only replacement option for M&S units.  Small as in it will not stay in place, or it will not lock into place?

    Answered on: 11/16/2020 5:00:00 AM

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