Tis the season for pine needles

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  • Tis the season for pine needles

    It’s been a few weeks since you have decorated your tree. It’s beautiful, you love it, but the dropping needles, not so much.  Your first instinct is to run and grab the central vacuum hose and be done with the mess.  While that seems like a great idea, we do not suggest this. Pine needles and twigs can clog your vacuum unit hose and slowly over time you will lose suction. You will need to sweep the majority of the mess with a broom and use the central vacuum for the small amount remaining.  Be sure not to suck up small twigs. 


    What if I have a clog? First you will need to locate the blockage. To do this you will need to check each inlet, one by one. If the suction is low in all of your inlets this means the clog is either in the hose or between the last inlet and vacuum unit. If the suction is low in only one inlet, this means the blockage is between the inlet and the other inlets that are working correctly.


    Now that you have located the clog you will need to grab a portable vacuum or shop vac. Unplug the central vacuum unit and remove the dirt bucket. Next insert the hose from the portable vacuum into the clogged central vacuum inlet. You will need to form a tight seal around the hose by using either your hands or a towel. Turn on the portable vacuum and you should be able to hear the clog move into the portable vacuum.


    Suction is still low.  Sometimes the clog is located in the hose. Hook the portable vacuum hose to the handle of the central vac hose. Again, form a tight seal around the hose using either your hand or a towel and turn on the portable vacuum.


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