We offer replacement accessory kits, garage kits, hoses, carpet brushes, powerheads and attachments for DuoVac central vacuum systems. Installation materials, some parts and other accessories are also available. 

When replacing your Duo Vac central vacuum unit, keep in mind that you don’t have to replace it with another DuoVac.    Technology has changed a lot since your DuoVac was installed.  You want to buy a unit that will perform well, be easy to maintain and last a long time, right?  Why not explore some of the new offerings?  

We offer many great brands.  Choose a power unit that offers the features that you need, whether that is more power, HEPA filtration, sound suppression, long warranty and/or disposable bag option.  Please click here to view our selection.

DuoVac central vacuum systems are designed and manufactured by Nuera Air in Laval, Quebec.


DuoVac Product Categories

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