Vacuflo 6791-G Wand Adjustable Button/Friction

Brand: Vacuflo| Model Number: 6791-G  | Product SKU: 51529 

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The 6791-G Adjustable Button/Friction Wand fits Vacuflo standard and low voltage central vacuum hoses.  This wand has a proprietary button position on the hose end.  The friction fit tool end allows it to work with air-driven powerheads and attachments that do not have a button hole in the neck.  This wand is not suitable for use with an electric powerhead.

The 6791-G wand is chrome plated for long lasting durability.  The telescopic feature allows the user to set the height to the optimum level for comfort.

Please contact our friendly experts with questions on whether this is the correct wand for your system.

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