AstroVac SR36 A Bagged Power Unit

Brand: AstroVac| Model Number: SR36 A  | Product SKU: 10026 

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This product is No Longer Available.

The AstroVac SR36 Central Vacuum Unit is recommended for small homes. This unit is powered by a high quality Ametek Lamb motor. The powerful motor helps to ensure central vacuum unit longevity.

This central vacuum unit utilizes a 2-layer disposable sealed paper bag for first-rate filtration. The inner lining of the bag helps to filter debris by acting as an electrostatic barrier. The liner also lengthens the life of the bag by strengthening the bag and making it resistant to bursting.

The unique baffle system of the AstroVac SR36 maximizes the useful filter area of the bag. This allows for a large dirt capacity and maximum performance. 


Specifications of AstroVacSR36 A Bagged Power Unit

  • Warranty-Years 5

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