AstroVac RB24W Inverted Filter Bag

Brand: AstroVac| Model Number: RB24W  | Product SKU: 14124 

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The RB24W Inverted bag is a replacement filter bag for central vacuum models AstroVac SR54 and SR64, Valet ATQ1500 and ATQ4000, and VacuMaid SR60, SR62 and SR64.  This is the large replacement bag for 14" Inverted bag units.  See the fits model tab for a more complete listing of the models it will fit. 

This bag is constructed of a Polyester material with an Acrylic Latex coating.  This material resists bacteria and mildew growth.

Features of AstroVacRB24W Inverted Filter Bag

  • Filter Type Inverted Bag

Specifications of AstroVacRB24W Inverted Filter Bag

  • Diameter (In) 14
  • Length (In) N/A

Product Q/A of AstroVacRB24W Inverted Filter Bag

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  • AstroVac - SR54
  • VacuMaid - SR60
  • AstroVac - SR64
  • VacuMaid - SR64
  • Valet - ATQ1500
  • Valet - ATQ4000
  • Imperium - CV3800
  • VacuMaid - SR62

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