VacuMaid EK11C Response Electric Kit 30 ft, Pigtail

Brand: VacuMaid| Model Number: EK11C  | Product SKU: 54710 


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The Response Electric Kit is a perfect choice for homes with a variety of flooring types.  This kit can be used on hard woods, tile, concrete, carpet and area rugs without having to change tools.

This package includes:

  • A Crushproof Hose with a hose handle that swivels 360 degrees. This prevents the hose from kinking, increasing the life of the hose, and allowing for strain free maneuverability.
  • Dusting Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Telescopic Wand
  • Hose Hanger to store your hose neatly and out of the way
  • A mesh Tool Bag for convenient storage of central vacuum accessories   

Also included is the 10" Response Electric Brush with a unique shutter systems that opens 90 degrees.  The motorized brush roll cleans right up to the base base.  It can be used on smooth flooring as well as carpeting.  It features an aluminum twist agitator design that incorporates 3 cleaning materials - one for deep cleaning carpet, a second soft material that conforms to the stone and tile floors, and a third designed to polish the floor as you vacuum away the debris.  This tool gets into tight corners.  It has a low profile with a height of less than 2 inches that lets you pass under objects with ease.  Weighing only 1 pound 5 ounces, it is both lightweight and quiet.

This kit comes with a variety of hose options including 30 and 35 ft length, Direct Connect or pigtail.

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Features of VacuMaidEK11C Response Electric Kit 30 ft, Pigtail

  • Recommended for Homes with mostly smooth floors
  • Powerhead Type Electric
  • Ultra-Soft Carpet Compatible True
  • Hose Type Electric
  • Wall End Pigtail

Specifications of VacuMaidEK11C Response Electric Kit 30 ft, Pigtail

  • Hose Length (ft) 30
  • Warranty-Years 2

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