Universal HPB2 G Central Vacuum Bags HEPA 3-Pk

Brand: Universal| Model Number: HPB2 G  | Product SKU: 54621 

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This product is No Longer Available.

This HPB2 replacement vacuum bag will fit all top load VacuMaid, Astrovac, Valet, Garage Vac, and Imperium brands.  It is made of a HEPA material that is 99.97% effective at 0.3 microns.  The bag has 5-Layer materials with tabs on either side can be folded in to prevent dust from spilling back out. It features odor fighting antimicrobial protection.  The bag features a sure-fit enclosure with a plastic welded collar, pop-out handles, and a tapered fit. Models that this bag can fit are the GV30, GV50, GV30PRO, GV50PRO, SR36, SR38, SR66, SR52, SR52H, SR800, AT-100, AT-120, ATQ-300.

You can use this bag in place of the HPB1 bags.  They are offered in packs of 3.


Features of UniversalHPB2 G Central Vacuum Bags HEPA 3-Pk

  • Disposable Bag Type HEPA

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