Universal Combination Rug & Floor Tool No Lever Black

Brand: Universal| Model Number: Combination Rug & Floor Tool No Lever Black  | Product SKU: 53477 

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This deluxe combination rug and floor tool is designed for cleaning smooth floors, carpet and rugs with a short nap. Wheels on the front and back keep the nozzle at the ideal height for cleaning.  An internal brush agitates carpet fibers and crevices in smooth floors.  A felt strip behind the orfice acts as a lint picker.

The advantage of this style combination tool over traditional ones is that a lever doesn't have to be shifted when going from smooth floors to carpet and vice versa.  The disadvantage is that the brush is not as effective on smooth floors.

Ideal applications for combination rug & floor tools are areas where there are both suitable hard surfaces and short nap carpet or rugs that requires light cleaning, and a single attachment is desired. Often, better cleaning can be achieved by using a powerhead for carpet and rugs and a floor brush for smooth floors.

The swivel neck facilitates access in tight spaces.  This attachment fits all standard 1 ¼” wands with or without buttons.

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