Hayden Super Hose Replacement 30 Ft Pigtail

Brand: Hayden| Model Number: Super Hose Replacement 30 Ft Pigtail  | Product SKU: 52744  | What's in the box?  

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Hose Length (Ft):


This Hayden replacement hose kit is a designed for the Hayden Super Hose II (2).  The older Hayden style hoses with the 2" metal stub tube coming out of the hose handle are no longer available.  New hoses have a larger 3 1/2" metal stub tube coming from the hose handle.  This newer hose handle requires an update of both the upper wand and cord adapter supplied in this kit.  This will allow the existing powerhead and lower wand to be used.

Features of Hayden Super Hose Replacement 30 Ft Pigtail

  • Hose Type Electric
  • Wall End Pigtail
  • Receptacle Flush
  • Construction Crushproof
  • Handle Type Gas Pump
  • Neck Shape Round
  • Color Silver

Specifications of Hayden Super Hose Replacement 30 Ft Pigtail

  • Diameter (In) 1 3/8"
  • Hose Length (ft) 30

Product Q/A of Hayden Super Hose Replacement 30 Ft Pigtail

There are 5 Questions asked and 5 Answered

Questions and Answers for Hayden Super Hose Replacement 30 Ft Pigtail

  • Q:

    Will this hose (Product SKU 52744) fit my Hayden Model #7500.


    Yes this 52744 hose will work with your Hayden 7500 powerhead.

    Answered on: 1/9/2018 5:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    will this hose fit Hayden 560.


    This hose will fit all of the HAY 201/202 301/302 powerheads.  The 560 may be the model number of the unit which does not have any bearing on the power head type.

    Answered on: 1/11/2018 5:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    Will this hose fit my Hayden Super Pack Deluxe power head HAY 203? If not what will. All we need is the nozzle as the switch went out again and am not able to find replacement parts anymore.


    Yes, this is the correct hose to fit your HAY 203.  No parts are available to fix your hose.

    Answered on: 3/26/2018 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    I have a Hayden super hose II Is this a replacement for it Will it work/ connect with my existing brushes floor upholstery? Thanks


    Yes, this is the correct replacement.  You use your existing lower wand.  Make sure you choose the correct wall end.

    Answered on: 9/10/2020 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    I currently have a Superhose III. Is this a suitable replacement model?


    If you stub tube is 1 1/2-2" yes, if it is 2 1/2-3", then you can use a universal hose.  They made two different versions of the superhose iii

    Answered on: 8/4/2022 4:00:00 AM

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