NuTone PP600 6-Inlet Pigtail Kit

Brand: NuTone| Model Number: PP600 6-Inlet Pigtail Kit  | Product SKU: 52507  | What's in the box?  


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The NuTone PP600 6-inlet pigtail kit is recommended for homes up to 7,000 square feet. The materials included in this package cover the installation of 6 inlets.

The NuTone PP600 power unit included in this package is hybrid with hybrid filtration. This unit features flex collect debris disposal offering a hybrid solution for operation as a bagged or bagless unit.  If you run out of vacuum bags simply switch modes and continue to vacuum. The polymeric debris pail has a capacity of six gallons.

The Wessel-Werk EBK360 power head included in this package features a 5-position height adjustment, large end cleaning channels, an airflow squeegee, and a Chevron bristle design. The features make this power head perfect for cleaning both carpeted and smooth floors.

The NuTone PP600 kit provides you with an electric pigtail hose and low voltage inlets. This type of hose has a switch that controls the power unit and the electric power head. In addition to being connected to the central vacuum inlet, a pigtail power cord plugs into a nearby electrical outlet.

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Features of NuTone PP600 6-Inlet Pigtail Kit

  • Recommended for Homes with mostly carpet
  • Recommended for Homes with pets
  • Suggested House Size (Sq. Ft.) Medium <4,000
  • Filtration Hybrid- Bagged or Bagless
  • Powerhead Type Electric
  • Ultra-Soft Carpet Compatible False
  • Outside Exhaust Optional

Specifications of NuTone PP600 6-Inlet Pigtail Kit

  • Air Watts 600
  • Dirt Can Capacity (Gals) 6
  • House Size Rating-Mfr. (Sq Ft) 7000
  • Number of Inlets 6
  • Sound Rating (Db) 68
  • Volts 120

Product Q/A of NuTone PP600 6-Inlet Pigtail Kit

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Questions and Answers for NuTone PP600 6-Inlet Pigtail Kit

  • Q:

    How do you connect the PP600 power unit intake tube to the intake tubing? My old unit (cv450) has a rubber hose coupling fastened with two hose clamps. How do you remove the old rubber hose coupling?


    The PP600 pipe can come in from the middle left or right hand side.  It is connect with hard pipe.  The mounting location of the pipe is close but not exact.  If you would like a small piece of pipe and a few fittings, we can add this if you place an order verbally. 

    To get the rubber coupling off your CV-450, you loosen both pipe clamps and it should slide off.  Sometimes it take a extra wiggling to get it off after a while. 

    Answered on: 5/17/2018 4:00:00 AM

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