M&S DMC4PACK Complete Retrofit Trim Kit

Brand: M&S| Model Number: DMC4PACK  | Product SKU: 52160 


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The M&S DMC4PACK Complete Retrofit Trim Kit is an intercom and music distribution system that is designed for residential use. Features include:

  • A full clock radio that supports waking up or falling asleep to music.
  • A built-in AM/FM radio with 16 preset options (8 AM and 8 FM).
  • 2 auxiliary inputs that support external audio devices.
  • The ability to set remote stations to intercom only, radio plus intercom, off, or monitor.
  • The ability to control music source and radio stations from the intercom stations.
  • Monitoring capabilities for infants and elderly
  • The ability to activate a security system's panic alarm or door release mechanism
  • The MSDMC4RS replaces older intercom room stations that use a 4-wire connection to the master.

Items Include:

  • (1) MSDMC3-4 Retrofit Master Station
  • (4) MSDMC4RS Retrofit Indoor Rooms Station
  • (1) MSDMC4RW Retrofit Patio Station
  • (1) MSDS3B Intercom Door Station
  • (1) MSMC3 3-note Chime Module

If this kit is being purchased for new construction, rough-ins are required for the master, room, and door stations.  

Please contact our friendly experts if you have any questions.

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