VacuMaid S2400 6-inlet Turbo Kit

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The VacuMaid Turbo Complete Central Vacuum Kit is recommended for very large homes up to 10,000 square feet. The materials included in this package cover the installation of 6 inlets.

The power unit included in this package features cyclonic filtration with a patented Air Channel, which gives you the option of using plastic liners in the dirt canister for convenient debris removal. The dirt canister has a capacity of 9.5 gallons.

The powerhead included in this package is a Turbocat. This powerhead is powered by the air from your central vacuum system, requiring no electricity, powercords or batteries to operate. This air-driven powerhead features double edge cleaning, a DeepSweep Agitator with a staggered and crimped bristle design, and a non-slip cogged drive belt.    

The VacuMaid S2400 Turbo Complete Central Vacuum Kit provides you with a low voltage hose and low voltage inlets. The hose features a switch that controls the power to the vacuum unit.  

Features of VacuMaid S2400 6-inlet Turbo Kit

  • Recommended for Homes with mostly smooth floors
  • Suggested House Size (Sq. Ft.) Medium <4,000
  • Filtration Cyclonic
  • Powerhead Type Air-Driven
  • Ultra-Soft Carpet Compatible False
  • Hose Type Low Voltage
  • Inlet Type Low Voltage
  • Outside Exhaust Required

Specifications of VacuMaid S2400 6-inlet Turbo Kit

  • Air Watts 631
  • House Size Rating-Mfr. (Sq Ft) 10000
  • Number of Inlets 6
  • Sound Rating (Db) 60
  • Volts 120

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