Universal Hose Rack

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The Universal Hose Rack provides a place to conveniently hang your hose and store your tools all in one place. The higher outside metal arms hold the hose securely while the lower metal hanger provides a place to hang a tool bag (sold separately).  Hanging your hose on a hanger also helps to preserve the life of the hose by keeping the hose from kinking and putting the tools in a bag will insure you always know where to find them.

The Hose Rack has a metal construction for long-lasting durability.  It comes with screws and wall anchors.  It can be mounted to wall in a closet, workshop, laundry room or garage.







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  • Construction Metal

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    Universal Hose Rack info is missing dimensions.


    It is hard to put a height on this based on the bottom of the rack to the top of the hose holder that comes off or the bottom to the part the hose lays on.  The width of the product is 8"

    Answered on: 7/31/2018 4:00:00 AM

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