Universal 500-FB Ceiling Fan Brush

Brand: Universal| Model Number: 500-FB  | Product SKU: 12336 

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The Ceiling Fan Brush is used to clean ceiling fan blades safely and efficiently, eliminating the need for ladders or step stools. This specialty attachment cleans both the top and bottom of the fan blades and keeps the fan blades from moving while you are cleaning them.  This kit comes with three pieces:  the Fan Brush, Curved Adapter and Connector. 

The Fan Brush has soft bristles that aide in removing dust and debris to be drawn into the suction of the vacuum.  The Curved Adapter gets connected to your vacuum's extension wand. Attach the Fan Brush to the Curved Adaptor to clean the top of the fan blades.  Then to clean the bottom of the fan blades just turn the Fan Brush one half turn or 180 degrees.  The Connector is included to make the brush universal so it will be compatible with any wand type. The wand is connected to the Curved Adaptor and then the Connector to the Fan Brush.

Features of Universal500-FB Ceiling Fan Brush

  • Construction Plastic
  • Neck Shape Round
  • Color Black

Specifications of Universal500-FB Ceiling Fan Brush

  • Neck Inside Diameter 1 1/4"
  • Warranty-Years 1

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