Universal 804248G30 Hayden Slinky Hose

Brand: Universal| Model Number: 804248G30  | Product SKU: 12012 

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This product is No Longer Available.

The Hayden slinky hose is no longer available.  A similar replacement is the Universal Stretch Hose.

The slinky hose is a lightweight hose that is great for cleaning up small messes fast.  Because of it's unique design it can stretch from 6' to 30' extending your reach as needed.  When you have finished your task it will recoil and can be conveniently stored away in a small space.  

The Slinky hose end fits into all standard 1 1/2" inlets.  This hose offers exceptional cleaning power with non-motorized cleaning accessories.  It can be used with Turbo brushes as well as the basic central vac tools - upholstery tools, crevice and dusting brushes.  Great for smooth floor applications. Just attach a set of wands and a smooth floor brush.

Features of Universal804248G30 Hayden Slinky Hose

  • Hose Type Stretch
  • Wall End Standard
  • Handle Connection Friction
  • Construction Wire-Reinforced
  • Handle Type Pistol Grip
  • Neck Shape Round
  • Color Gray

Specifications of Universal804248G30 Hayden Slinky Hose

  • Length (ft) 6/30
  • Warranty-Years 1

Product Q/A of Universal804248G30 Hayden Slinky Hose

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Questions and Answers for Universal804248G30 Hayden Slinky Hose

  • Q:

    Does this item have a switch to turn on the vacuum system?


    This hose does not have a switch.  When the hose is plugged in, the unit turns on automatically.  

    Answered on: 1/17/2017 5:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    How heavy and how hard is it to stretch the Universal 804248G30 Hayden Slinky Hose. I have one from another vendor and I find it very hard to extend.


    Everyone tends to have a different opinion on how hard something is.  It does have some resistance so that the hose retracts back to a smaller size.  If the hose is easy to stretch, then the hose will not retract to its original size.

    Answered on: 8/31/2017 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    Re: Hayden Slinky Hose Is there an outlet to plug in a power cord for a power nozzle?


    There is no power in this hose.  It is strictly an air only system.  It is intended for quick pick ups only.

    Answered on: 9/14/2018 4:00:00 AM

Reviews of Universal804248G30 Hayden Slinky Hose

Posted By: on   8/28/2015 4:00:00 AM
Just what I need for pickups close to an outlet.

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