Electrolux PU3650 Bagless Power Unit

Brand: Electrolux| Model Number: PU3650  | Product SKU: 10089 


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The Quiet Clean Central Vacuum Unit is constructed of steel for long lasting durability. This unit is recommended for mid-size homes.

The Electrolux PU3650 has an LCD Display to monitor the central vacuum system's overall performance and shows the user when to check the dirt receptacle. It also gives an accurate time and temperature. 

This unit utilizes a permanent self-cleaning HEPA filter. This eliminates the need to replace filters. There is a utility inlet on the front of this unit that allows a direct connection. This can be convenient when cleaning a garage or a vehicle.

The Electrolux PU3650 utilizes patented sound reducing technology in both the power unit and the electric power brush. This assures quiet operation.

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Features of ElectroluxPU3650 Quiet Clean Central Vacuum

  • Suggested House Size (Sq. Ft.) Medium <6,000
  • Filtration Bagless with filter
  • Filter Type Inverted Bag
  • Disposable Bag Type Optional Paper
  • Utility Inlet Built-In
  • Muffler Included
  • Outside Exhaust Optional
  • Performance Indicators LED Display
  • Construction Metal with plastic bucket
  • Intake Side Either
  • Exhaust Side Right

Specifications of ElectroluxPU3650 Quiet Clean Central Vacuum

  • Air Watts 600
  • Amps 14.5
  • CFM 125
  • Diameter (In) 11
  • Dirt Can Capacity (Gals) 4
  • Height (In) 33
  • House Size Rating-Mfr. (Sq Ft) 8000
  • Motor Type 5.7", 2-stage, bypass
  • Sound Rating (Db) 72
  • Volts 120
  • Water Lift (In) 140
  • Warranty-Years 10

Product Q/A of ElectroluxPU3650 Quiet Clean Central Vacuum

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Motor View - 14022 Motor
Filter Bag View - 14125 Filter Bag
Circuit Board View - 14530 Circuit Board
Filter Bag View - 14213 Filter Bag
Filter Bag View - 14214 Filter Bag

Reviews of ElectroluxPU3650 Quiet Clean Central Vacuum

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Questions and Answers for ElectroluxPU3650 Quiet Clean Central Vacuum

  • Q:

    On the Electrolux quiet clean central vacuum how can you tell what type of hose it is?


    The central vac hose does not have any bearing on the the type of unit.  If you are replacing the hose, it is better to know the model number of the carpet brush or powerhead.  Please call with you powerhead model and we can help.

    Answered on: 2/24/2020 5:00:00 AM

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