VacuMaid PB14MK Central Vacuum Bags Plastic 4-Pk

Brand: VacuMaid| Model Number: PB14MK  | Product SKU: 14226 

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The Vacu-Maid PB14MK central vacuum bags are heavy-duty replacement plastic bags for 14" dirt canisters with air channel.  These bags make canister dirt disposal simple. Just unclip the bag, remove it, and throw it away. This alleviates the necessity of dumping the canister straight into the trash bin. These disposable plastic bags come in 4-packs and are used in several models of Vacu-Maid, AstroVac, Imperium and Valet units.

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Features of VacuMaidPB14MK Central Vacuum Bags Plastic 4-Pk

  • Disposable Bag Type Plastic

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