NuTone NPS103WH Outdoor Remote Station

Brand: NuTone| Model Number: NPS103WH  | Product SKU: 20805 

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This product is No Longer Available.

<p>The NuTone Outdoor Remote Station is no longer available.&nbsp; Please contact us so we can review other options.</p><p>The Nutone NPS103WH is a retrofit for 3-wire intercom systems. The NPS103WH is designed to be weather-safe and to work with the NM100 System. When replacing an old speaker, the <a href="/product-details/nf300pwh/">NF300PWH</a> frame/mounting plate should be used for installation with a flush mount installation (sticks out from wall about a 1/2"). When adding a new patio speaker to the system or replacing a current surface monuted speaker (sticks out about 2-3"), the <a href="/product-details/nrks200pwh/">NRKS200PWH</a> Patio Surface Mount Box should be used for installation.&nbsp; </p>The NPS103WH outdoor remote station communicates with room stations and the master station. It allows you to answer to door directly from the patio station, eliminating the need to rush to the door for a visitor. This outdoor remote station features an audio source on/off, remote scan, and the ability to control radio functions such as power, memory channel selection, and music and intercom volume by using the built-in control.

Features of NuToneNPS103WH Outdoor Remote Station

  • Intercom Type All Call
  • iPod Connectivity None
  • Video False
  • Monitor True
  • Privacy False
  • Color White

Specifications of NuToneNPS103WH Outdoor Remote Station

  • Height (In) 5 1/2
  • Impedance (ohms) 45
  • Width (In) 5 1/2
  • Warranty-Years 2

Product Q/A of NuToneNPS103WH Outdoor Remote Station

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Questions and Answers for NuToneNPS103WH Outdoor Remote Station

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    i have an older nutone system. model: IMA 3303. my patio remote station died. will the NPS103WH outdoor remote station fit in the same enclosure? the description states it is a retro fit for a 3 wire system, which mine is but, the unit needs to fit into my existing exterior frame. thanks in advance. Lb


    The NPS103WH can only work with the Nutone NM100WH series.  The patio stations made for the IMA-3303 are no longer available and have been discontinued for 4-5 years.  The only thing that we are able to offer is a full system replacement.  You are able to keep the same existing wiring and just replace the speakers, door stations, patio stations, etc.

    Answered on: 10/19/2016 4:00:00 AM

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It i so new I have not had time to really get to know the system

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