NuTone CK135 Adjustable Wand

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The Nutone CK135 Adjustable Wand is used with air-driven powerheads and floor tools to clean floors.  It can also be used with a dust brush and other attachments to reach baseboards, ceiling fans, crown molding and other areas above the floor.  It is not compatible with electric powerheads.

The CK135 is made of durable chrome plated steel.  The telescopic feature allows it to be adjusted from 22" to 39".  The top of the wand was a button hole which is compatible with Nutone hoses that have a spring loaded button.

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  • Q:

    what diameter is this wand?


    1 1/4" diameter.  Male connection on bottom and a female connection on top.

    Answered on: 12/17/2020 5:00:00 AM

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