M&S MS2SX5SC Shielded Speaker Cable 500 ft

Brand: M&S| Model Number: MS2SX5SC  | Product SKU: 22966 

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This product is No Longer Available.

The Model MS2SX5SC Shielded Speaker Cable works with all M&S musical intercom systems. This cable is typically used for connecting a Model FMSM, FMC8, NR8M, or NR8P 45-ohm intercom speaker to a Model MVC1 Monaural Volume Control. The cable’s shielding reduces outside electrical interference from radio frequency sources.

The cable features:

  • Two conductors
  • 22 gauge solid copper wire
  • Yellow cable jacket
  • Blue and violet wire insulation
  • One shielded pair with one drain wire

Specifications of M&SMS2SX5SC Shielded Speaker Cable 500 ft

  • Conductors 2

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