Honeywell H503 Bagless Power Unit

Brand: Honeywell| Model Number: H503  | Product SKU: 10081 

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This product is No Longer Available.

The Honeywell H503 Central Vacuum Unit Power Unit is recommended for small homes. This unit is designed with a steel body and a motor protection system for long-lasting durability and reliability.

This central vacuum unit uses a Triumph HEPA filter for first-rate filtration. This permanent, self-cleaning filter never has to be washed or replaced. The dirt receptacle features a viewing window, giving the user easy access to determine when the canister needs to be emptied.

The Honeywell H503 Central Vacuum Power Unit uses patented sound-reducing technology paired with an improved muffler. This assures quiet operation.

This unit includes a mounting bracket.


Features of HoneywellH503 Bagless Power Unit

  • Suggested House Size (Sq. Ft.) Small <3,000
  • Filtration Bagless with filter
  • Filter Type Inverted Bag
  • Disposable Bag Type None
  • Utility Inlet In-Take Mount
  • Muffler Separate
  • Outside Exhaust Optional
  • Performance Indicators None
  • Construction Metal with plastic bucket
  • Intake Side Left
  • Exhaust Side Right

Specifications of HoneywellH503 Bagless Power Unit

  • Air Watts 540
  • Amps 14.3
  • CFM 122
  • Diameter (In) 11 1/4
  • Dirt Can Capacity (Gals) 4
  • Height (In) 41 3/4
  • House Size Rating-Mfr. (Sq Ft) 3500
  • Motor Type 5.7", 3-stage, bypass
  • Sound Rating (Db) N/A
  • Volts 120
  • Water Lift (In) 135
  • Warranty-Years 5

Product Q/A of HoneywellH503 Bagless Power Unit

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Questions and Answers for HoneywellH503 Bagless Power Unit

  • Q:

    We have one of these units and like it a lot. I went to dump the canister and noticed that there is something in the reusable filter bag, like sand or something. Is that supposed to be there???


    Yes, the sand is a weight that keeps the filter in the down potion when not in use.  It is supposed to help by self-cleaning when the unit is turned off.  It drops the bag faster in order to help shake/clean it.  If you need a replacement filter in the future for the Honeywell H503, please use this 11" filter.  

    Answered on: 11/18/2015 5:00:00 AM

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