Honeywell H200 Select Cleaning Set

Brand: Honeywell| Model Number: H200  | Product SKU: 12142 


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This product is No Longer Available,view product info

The Honeywell Select Cleaning Set is no longer available.

The Select Cleaning Set provides all of the components and attachments necessary to help you clean your home effectively and efficiently. This package contains a pigtail cord, but a convertible hose cuff is also included to convert to direct connect for electric inlets.

This package includes:

  • A 30' Crushproof Electric Hose with a 3-position switch on the handle. This controls power to the powerhead as well as the central vacuum unit. The hose handle swivels 360 degrees for strain free maneuverability.
  • A 14" Barefloor Brush to clean smooth floors. This brush can grab dirt from grouted tiles and the swivel design makes cleaning under furniture convenient and easy. The lightweight design and gentle operation allow you to use this brush on throw rugs without clogging the hose.
  • A 5-position Telescopic Wand with integrated cord management.
  • A Dusting Brush with natural, 1 1/2" long bristles, making this tool perfect for dusting table tops and bookshelves.
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Hose Hanger

The Honeywell Select Cleaning Set also includes a Select Elite Powerhead. The Select Elite Powerhead features:

  • A 14" cleaning path with dual edge cleaning to pick up stubborn dirt located near baseboards and close to furniture.
  • An LED Headlight to make vacuuming in low lighting more convenient. The LED burns brighter and lasts longer while using less energy.
  • Overmolded wheels to allow for smooth operation on carpet.
  • The wheels have a steel axle and bearings for long lasting durability.
  • A quick release neck to allow you to disconnect wands easily with one hand.
  • A cog belt design.
  • An electronic circuit breaker that will turn off the motor in case of obstruction, preventing motor damage and belt breakage.

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Features of HoneywellH200 Select Cleaning Set

  • Recommended for Homes with mostly carpet
  • Powerhead Type Electric
  • Ultra-Soft Carpet Compatible False
  • Hose Type Electric
  • Wall End Pigtail/Direct Connect

Specifications of HoneywellH200 Select Cleaning Set

  • Hose Length (ft) 30
  • Warranty-Years 2

Product Q/A of HoneywellH200 Select Cleaning Set

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Questions and Answers for HoneywellH200 Select Cleaning Set

  • Q:

    I've heard comments that the powerhead will stop operating on even very low pile rugs?


    Depending upon the thread count, it can really affect the powerhead.  This unit does not have a height adjustment on it.  Please look at our gold accessory kit that includes a Wessel-Werk EBK360 powerhead with a height adjustment.  

    Answered on: 2/24/2015 5:00:00 AM

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