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Docking Station:


The M&S DMC1 Master Station provides a full function intercom and music distribution that is designed for residential use.

This DMC1 features:

  • Support of up to 15 room stations and 3 door speakers.
  • A Built-in AM/FM radio tuner that offers 8 AM presets and 8 FM presets.
  • A backlit liquid crystal display that shows operation mode, audio source, radio frequency, volume setting and time.
  • A full clock radio that supports waking up or falling asleep to music
  • Monitor capability for infants and elderly
  • (2) Music source inputs.
  • Remote volume and source control from room stations.
  • Privacy, intercom only and optional door release.
  • Programmable monitor override.
  • Automatic on/off.
  • Optional 3 note MC3 chime or 8 note MC8 chime.

The DMC1 is for new or 6-wire intercom system retrofit installations. It is installed using CAT-5 wiring to room and patio stations.

Optional CD/MP3 player and DMCBT Blue Tooth and MP3 Player are available for purchase separately.  If just a connection for an MP3 player or smart phone is desired, an external docking station option is available.


Features of M&SDMC1 Master Station White

  • Intercom Type All Call
  • Video False
  • Monitor True
  • Privacy True

Specifications of M&SDMC1 Master Station White

  • Height (In) 5 5/16
  • Impedance (ohms) 45
  • Maximum Watts 30
  • Speaker Capacity 15 Plus 3 Door
  • Width (In) 15 1/4
  • Warranty-Years 2

Product Q/A of M&SDMC1 Master Station White

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Questions and Answers for M&SDMC1 Master Station White

  • Q:

    I need a replacement master for an old M & S system mdl wh-35 : N300 chime mdl C3. Will this DMC1 replace the old unit?


    The required unit to replace your current N300 would be a DMC3-4 retro fit intercom kit.  The current speakers that are in place are not compatible with the new units, but can be replaced by using the same wiring and retrofit frames.  These are base kits that we create and can be customized if not all items required are present.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call and discuss.

    Answered on: 10/8/2015 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    what unit replaces a MC350A. Power supply in unit melted down


    The MC350A is replaced by either a M&S DMC3-4 Kit or an Intrasonic RETRO system.  No matter which system the MC350 is replaced with, rooms, doors, and patio stations are required to be updated.  All stations are now a smaller size, but they have trim plates so there is no drywall patching required.  These kits can be customized as needed.  

    Answered on: 2/13/2017 5:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    I need a replacement master for an old M & S system model N440C with 8 note chime. Will this DMC1 replace the old unit. If yes, can I have a quotation please?


    The DMC1 retrofit package is one option for a replacement system .  If you update the M&S 440, you are required to update all of the room stations.  Please see the Intrasonic RETRO system which is the better, more up to date intercom system.  Both system kits can be customized to fit your needs. 

    Answered on: 8/6/2018 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    what is the replacement for M/S model 258 ser #H833273


    If the 258 master station is going to be replaced, then all rooms, doors, and patios are required to be replaced.  This would require a update kits.  We recommend the Intrasonic RETRO system.  This can be customized to fit your needs if it does not match exactly.  Feel free to call in to discuss.

    Answered on: 9/19/2018 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    On my unit the volume is very low on all FM stations, even with the volume all the way up. The AM Stations are a lot louder, like when the unit was new.


    There are two volume settings.  A master volume and music volume.  Check both by using the tone button.  Please call with questions. 

    Answered on: 12/13/2018 5:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    I just need to replace the plate that goes around the master station. Do you have those?


    If you are talking about a trim plate, these are the DMCFM's.  If you are talking about something else, please call us.  800-533-3249. 

    Answered on: 1/31/2022 5:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    The talk button on the master panel works sometimes. Do I have to replace the entire panel or can just the talk button be replaced?


    They do not have parts for these systems.  You would be required to replace if the master station is the issue.  Sometimes it is best to unscrew from the wall and test, then remove room stations and test again to make sure it is not a bad room and that it is definitely the master station.

    Answered on: 3/16/2022 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    Hi, looking to replace a Broan radio and cassette player with radio and bluetooth.The room speakers are 4 wire.What would I need?


    If you are replacing an old Broan system you have to update the entire system but can use the existing wiring.  There are other details that need to be checked, but generally the Intrasonic RETRO system can replace the Broan's.  We would have to confirm sizes of existing units.  It is best to call in 800-533-3249 or send an email with more details to [email protected] 

    Answered on: 7/7/2022 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    How can I tell if I need a M&S DMC1 or M&S DMC3-4


    Best to look at your room stations.  If you room station has a volume knob, 4 buttons, and a 5th privacy button, you need a DMC1.  If you have a volume knob and only 4 buttons, then you need a DMC3-4.  If your house was built roughly 2005 or later, it is almost always the DMC3-4.

    Answered on: 7/13/2022 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    I have the M & S DMC1 system throughout my house the AM station we love has become very staticky is there was a fine tune this?


    Unfortunately there is not much that can be done.  The tuner is likely starting to wear out.  The DMC1 is no longer being made.  The only thing we can offer is a system upgrade/replacement.  You can reuse the existing wiring and update the rooms, doors, and patios along with the master. 

    Answered on: 12/7/2023 5:00:00 AM

Reviews of M&SDMC1 Master Station White

Posted By: on   11/10/2014 5:00:00 AM
System is now working great,outstanding product.

Posted By: on   12/16/2014 5:00:00 AM
5 great

Posted By: on   7/6/2015 4:00:00 AM
New system is easy to use and looks great. Sound is really good

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