Dust Care DCC-8 Bagless Power Unit

Brand: Dust Care| Model Number: DCC-8  | Product SKU: 10105 

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The Dustcare DCC-8 central vacuum unit is constructed completely of metal, making it durable for years of use. This unit is recommended for small homes.

This unit's filtration is first-rate with its cyclonic airflow action and HEPA filtration. This provides cleaner air both outside and inside the central vacuum unit. The HEPA cartridge filter can be removed, washed, and reinstalled.

In order to reduce wear and tear on the motor, Dustcare has added a circuit board system to this unit. The circuit board system allows for a gradual engine ignition, thus not putting as much stress on the interior mechanics.



Features of Dust CareDCC-8 Bagless Central Vacuum Unit

  • Suggested House Size (Sq. Ft.) Medium <6,000
  • Filtration Bagless with filter
  • Filter Type Inverted Bag
  • Disposable Bag Type None
  • Utility Inlet Built-In
  • Muffler Separate
  • Outside Exhaust Optional
  • Performance Indicators None
  • Construction Metal with plastic bucket
  • Intake Side Left
  • Exhaust Side Right

Specifications of Dust CareDCC-8 Bagless Central Vacuum Unit

  • Air Watts 545
  • Amps 13
  • CFM 107
  • Diameter (In) 11
  • Dirt Can Capacity (Gals) 4
  • Height (In) 27
  • House Size Rating-Mfr. (Sq Ft) 5500
  • Motor Type 5.7", 3-stage, bypass
  • Sound Rating (Db) 75
  • Volts 120
  • Water Lift (In) 160
  • Warranty-Years 5

Product Q/A of Dust CareDCC-8 Bagless Central Vacuum Unit

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Questions and Answers for Dust CareDCC-8 Bagless Central Vacuum Unit

  • Q:

    My filter will not come out of the bottom. So how do I remove it to wash it?


    These units have a permanent filter bag with a weight at the bottom.  Technically this bag should nto be washed.  it can be vacuumed off with a shop vac or replaced.  These can be difficult to replace and is best to call in to discuss.

    Answered on: 3/1/2017 5:00:00 AM

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