Universal CT23QD Cen-Tec Response II Powerhead

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The unique features of the Cen-Tec CT23QD powerhead make it easy to clean the highest density soft carpets on today's market like Mohawk's SmartStrand silk and Caress by Shaw.  To learn more about vacuuming ultra soft carpets please check out the article written by our experts.  The vents in the hood of the powerhead provide self adjusting air relief to keep the powerhead from sealing to the carpet.  The air channels down and under the agitator brush carry the dirt into the air stream.  The result is that the CT23QD works as well on ultra soft carpets as it does on traditional carpeting.  

The 14" cleaning width reduces cleaning time.   The QuietDrive poly V belt is positioned away from the end of the agitator brush, providing for true edge to edge cleaning and longer life, Large over molded wheels provide a smoother glide, The 4-position height adjustment allows the power brush to be set for maximum cleaning and minimum effort, The double swivel neck results in increased maneuverability, The soft wrap bumper provides added protection to furnishings,   A headlight illuminates dark corners, The low profile enables the power head to go under furniture and beds. 

Please check out the video by clicking on the link below for an online demo!

CT-23QD Response II Electric Powerhead

Features of UniversalCT23QD Cen-Tec Response II Powerhead

  • Powerhead Type Electric
  • Ultra-Soft Carpet Compatible True
  • Height Adjustment 4-Position
  • Hose Handle Compatibility N/A (wand not included)
  • Wand Buy Separately
  • Belt Type Serpentine
  • Belt Protection True
  • Light Standard
  • Dirt Sensor False
  • Quick-Disconnect True
  • Wheel Construction Rubber
  • Neck Shape Round
  • Squeegee False
  • Color Black

Specifications of UniversalCT23QD Cen-Tec Response II Powerhead

  • Width (In) 14
  • Warranty-Years 2

Product Q/A of UniversalCT23QD Cen-Tec Response II Powerhead

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Questions and Answers for UniversalCT23QD Cen-Tec Response II Powerhead

  • Q:

    Will this head work with a Beam system. My wands are round, the hose is series XY, model BCF27BCECCEFCE27CE.


    The central vacuum head can work with your beam system but will depend upon the hose type.  The XY hose should be a plastiflex flush hose.  If your hose looks like the link provided then the CT23 or CT25 powerhead will work with a new flush wand.

    Answered on: 10/31/2017 4:00:00 AM

CT23QD Floor Nozzle Upper View - 53693 CT23QD Floor Nozzle Upper
CT23QD Window Cover Height Adjustment View - 53695 CT23QD Window Cover Height Adjustment
CT23QD Furniture Guard View - 53696 CT23QD Furniture Guard
CT23QD Valve B Suction Control View - 53697 CT23QD Valve B Suction Control
CT23QD Valve A Suction Control View - 53698 CT23QD Valve A Suction Control
 CT23QD Floor Nozzle Cover View - 53699 CT23QD Floor Nozzle Cover
CT23QD Connection Pipe Assembly View - 53700 CT23QD Connection Pipe Assembly
CT23QD Swivel Cap View - 53704 CT23QD Swivel Cap
CT23QD Filter Intake/Exhaust View - 53705 CT23QD Filter Intake/Exhaust
CT23QD Wire Connector View - 53706 CT23QD Wire Connector
CT23QD Roller Brush View - 53707 CT23QD Roller Brush
CT23QD Brush Cover View - 53708 CT23QD Brush Cover
CT23QD Floor Nozzle Lower View - 53709 CT23QD Floor Nozzle Lower

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