NuTone CT140G Standard Floor/Rug Tool

Brand: NuTone| Model Number: CT140G  | Product SKU: 12314 

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The CT140G standard floor/rug tool is designed for cleaning of smooth floors, carpet and rugs with a short nap.    A lever on this attachment is depressed to move the brush down for smooth floors or up for carpet and rugs. A single rubber wheel facilitates movement of the tool over all surfaces. The stiff nylon bristles provide for excellent cleaning of smooth surfaces.  These bristles will scratch hardwood floors and other delicate surfaces. This combination tool is not recommended for those applications.

Ideal applications for this tool are areas where there are both suitable hard surfaces and short nap carpet or rugs that requires light cleaning, and a single attachment is desired.  Often, better cleaning can be achieved by using a powerhead for carpet and rugs and a floor brush for smooth floors.

The swivel neck facilitates access in tight spaces.  This attachment is designed to fit Nutone wands with buttons.   It will also accept standard 1 1/4" friction wands.

Features of NuToneCT140G Standard Floor/Rug Tool

  • Neck Shape Round
  • Neck Style Swivel

Specifications of NuToneCT140G Standard Floor/Rug Tool

  • Warranty-Years 1

Product Q/A of NuToneCT140G Standard Floor/Rug Tool

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Questions and Answers for NuToneCT140G Standard Floor/Rug Tool

  • Q:

    Can you get in white instead of black


    It comes without the button lock hole at the bottom, but the Universal Rug/Floor Tool works. 

    Answered on: 3/29/2022 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    The cleaning lady asked me to replace this head. Ours broke. I notice it says may scratch wood floors. all our floors are wood. do you recommend a different head for us?


    If you are doing exclusively smooth floors, use the Twist and Turn brush.  If you need to do both smooth and hard, you can use the CT140G, but make sure that the brushes are extended out while doing smooth floors. 

    Answered on: 4/14/2023 4:00:00 AM

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