NuTone CI395RK Rough-In Kit

Brand: NuTone| Model Number: CI395RK  | Product SKU: 13333 


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This product is No Longer Available,view product info

The Nutone CI395RK Rough-In Kit is no longer available.  The replacement kit is the CI399RK ElectraValve Rough-in Kit New Style.  Note that this new kit will only work with the new style ElectraValve Inlet

The CI395RK was used for the CI390 and CI395 Electrified Inlets.
This kit includes:

  • one plug receptacle with a six foot long
  • 12-2 Romex lead wire
  • One CF328 Plaster Guard
  • One CF382 Plaster Guard
  • Two Plaster Guard mounting screws
  • One CF382S Sweep El
  • Wire tie and instruction sheet.

This kit provides you with all of the parts needed to successfully install an inlet. 



Please contact our friendly experts if you have any questions.

Features of NuToneCI395RK Rough-In Kit

  • Construction Plastic with metal flange

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