NuTone CA130 Hose Sock

Brand: NuTone| Model Number: CA130  | Product SKU: 12406 

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The Nutone CA130 hose sock is constructed of soft, durable fabric containing lycra. The elasticity allows for a snug fit over the central vacuum hose. This hose sock is machine washable and includes a cardboard cylinder for easy installation.

The purpose of the NuTone CA130 Hose Sock is to prevent the central vacuum hose from damaging molding, walls, baseboards and furniture. The sock provides a soft barrier between the central vacuum hose and the object being cleaned, protecting it from scratches and scuff marks.  This hose sock will also protect your baseboards, molding and walls as you vacuum down hallways and around corners.


Features of NuToneCA130 Hose Sock

  • Fabric Type Knit

Specifications of NuToneCA130 Hose Sock

  • Length (ft) 30

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