Sebo 9430AM Disco Floor Polisher Head White

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Disco Floor Polisher Head 9430AM is a commercial-grade suction polisher that is made in Germany and has a 5-year warranty. The ultra-high-speed polisher has an automatic torque-controlled height adjustment of the floor pad. It shuts off automatically in case of disc obstruction or suction blockages. The three high-quality, rubber-coated wheels protect the floor, furniture and the polisher itself. The highly maneuverable swivel neck and castors make it extremely agile and easy to use.

The pad-change mechanism is quick and easy. The 2000 rpm rotation speed, along with the special coating on the floor pads restores high-gloss shine to many types of hard floors without the use of water, chemicals or polishing sands.  Because the Sebo DISCO floor polisher head attaches to the Sebo Felix vacuum cleaner, it simultaneously removes the fine dust created during the polishing process.  This polisher is available in white, orange and black to match the Felix.

Features of Sebo9430AM Disco Floor Polisher Head White

  • Motor Protection Electronic Cutout
  • Wheel Construction Rubber

Included with this Kit:

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Specifications of Sebo9430AM Disco Floor Polisher Head White

  • RPMs 2000
  • Watts 200
  • Width (In) 12
  • Weight (lbs) 8.5

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