Sebo 91543AM Automatic X7 Premium Graphite

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The Sebo Automatic X7 Graphite is a great upright vacuum cleaner that has many attractive features.  Most notable is the automatic height adjustment feature that sets the height of the roller brush based on the surface being cleaned.  The belt protection feature senses that an object is caught in the roller brush, turns off the roller brush and illuminates an indicator light.  Another indicator light warns if the roller brush bristles are worn too much.

If suction decreases due to a clog or full bag, an indicator light comes on.  If the vacuum continues to run and the motor gets hot, it will be shut down to prevent motor damage.  The handle can be laid flat to the floor, allowing the 5 1/2" high nozzle to fit under beds and furniture.  The LED light illuminates the cleaning path.  There are two brush agitation modes.  The default mode is for everyday cleaning.  The brush model button can be pressed to get more aggressive and deeper cleaning.

This German made vacuum comes equipped with a 40 ft cord, a handy accessory hose, dust brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool.  The roller brush slides out the side of the nozzle, facilitating removal of hair and other debris. The ultra bag, micro secondary and exhaust filters trap the debris inside the vacuum.  The warranty covers the motor for 10 years, belt for the lifetime of the vacuum and all other components for 10 years excluding wear items.

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Features of Sebo91543AM Automatic X7 Premium Graphite

  • Suction Motor Protection Electronic
  • Recommended for Homes with mostly carpet
  • Recommended for Homes with pets
  • Recommended for Homes with mostly smooth floors
  • Filter Type Electrostatic
  • Ultra-Soft Carpet Compatible False
  • Variable Suction Control No
  • Disposable Bag Type Paper
  • Height Adjustment Automatic
  • Belt Type Cogged
  • Belt Protection True
  • Light LED
  • Dirt Sensor False
  • Wheel Construction Rubber
  • Squeegee True
  • Color Graphite

Specifications of Sebo91543AM Automatic X7 Premium Graphite

  • Amps 10.8
  • Bag Capacity - Gallons 1.4
  • CFM 100.2
  • Cord Length - Feet 40
  • Powerhead Width (in) 12
  • Sound Rating (Db) 69
  • Water Lift (In) 91.5
  • Watts 1300
  • Weight (lbs) 16.7
  • Warranty-Years 10

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