MD 721H G Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pack

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The MD 721H G is a 12 gallon replacement bag that has an elastic top and fits in the top of a central vacuum unit. This bag fits many models of SilentMaster, ModernDay, Flo-Master, AirForce and other brands.  This package contains 3 replacement bags. 

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Features of MD721H G Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pack

  • Disposable Bag Type Paper

Product Q/A of MD721H G Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pack

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  • MD - E
  • MD - E2
  • MD - G23
  • MD - QE2
  • MD - QE3
  • MD - E3
  • MD - S1
  • MD - S4
  • MD - S44
  • MD - S5
  • MD - SP2
  • MD - SP22
  • MD - SP3
  • MD - S2
  • MD - S3
  • MD - SVT
  • MD - SV
  • Pullman-Holt - BIV96
  • Pullman-Holt - BIV99
  • Pullman-Holt - BIV105
  • Pullman-Holt - BIV102
  • Pullman-Holt - BIV205

Reviews of MD721H G Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pack

Posted By: on   7/31/2015 4:00:00 AM
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Product Documents for MD721H G Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pack

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Questions and Answers for MD721H G Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pack

  • Q:

    I am looking for replacement paper bags for my central vacuum from Tidy Vac. Size of my central vacuum is about 13.5 ins, diameter and depth of dust storage portion is 16 ins. I am wondering if your MD 721H G bags fits my machine. Thanks


    Tidy Vac may have been an MD unit with Tidy printed on the outside.  We do not have any information regarding this style.  You could take a picture and email it to and we could reply back with some options.  

    Answered on: 7/24/2017 4:00:00 AM

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