Smart SMP400 Hybrid Power Unit

Brand: Smart| Model Number: SMP400  | Product SKU: 54757 

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The Smart SMP400 Central Vacuum power unit can be used with or without bags. This Hybrid model has a permanent self-cleaning Gore-Tex Filter so that bags are optional.  A paper bag kit is available for those who prefer bagged vacuum units.  Using disposable dust bags increase the amount of filtration and are helpful for anyone suffering from allergies.

The SMP400 features a durable metal construction. Although venting a central vacuum unit to the outside is always the best choice, this unit doesn't require an outside vent.  The soft start motor helps to prolong the life of the unit. The Intake can be used from either side. The dirt canister has a 4 gallon capacity and a window allowing you to see when the dirt receptacle needs to be emptied.  

The unit is recommended for homes up to 3,000 Sq Ft.  A mounting bracket is included.  the SMP400 is backed by a 7 year warranty.

Features of SmartSMP400 Hybrid Power Unit

  • Suggested House Size (Sq. Ft.) Small <3,000
  • Filtration Hybrid- Bagged or Bagless
  • Disposable Bag Type Optional Paper
  • Muffler Separate
  • Outside Exhaust Optional
  • Performance Indicators None
  • Construction Metal
  • Intake Side Either
  • Exhaust Side Right

Specifications of SmartSMP400 Hybrid Power Unit

  • Air Watts 550
  • Amps 13.4
  • CFM 106
  • Volts 120
  • Water Lift (In) 112
  • Warranty-Years 7

Product Q/A of SmartSMP400 Hybrid Power Unit

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Questions and Answers for SmartSMP400 Hybrid Power Unit

  • Q:

    When venting into a garage is a muffler needed?


    No required, just reduces noise.

    Answered on: 8/22/2022 4:00:00 AM

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