Universal 40999 QuietDrive Belt

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The genuine QuietDrive belt is used with the CT18 (excluding CT18DX) and CT20 Series Cen-Tec Quiet Drive powerheads.&nbsp; These powerheads were sold under other brand names including Vacu-Maid, Imperium and others.&nbsp; This serpentine belt features grooves down the length of the belt. The belt and drive surfaces are continually in contact, providing a quieter operation. <br />

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Features of Universal40999 QuietDrive Belt

  • Belt Type Serpentine

Product Q/A of Universal40999 QuietDrive Belt

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  • Cen-Tec - CT20DXQD
  • Cen-Tec - CT20DXQS
  • MD - ACE
  • Cen-Tec - CT20QD

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