Beam 155271 Adjustable Wand with Cord

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The Beam Telescopic Wand is constructed of metal with a chrome finish for long-lasting durability.  It is compatible with most electric hoses with flush cord management.  It is used with select Beam powerheads with EZ change necks.  The coiled cord helps to prevent it  from sagging when the length of the wand is adjusted.


Features of Beam155271 Adjustable Wand with Cord

  • Construction Chrome
  • Cord Management Flush
  • Color Black
  • Wand Type Adjustable

Specifications of Beam155271 Adjustable Wand with Cord

  • Length (In) 37
  • Warranty-Years 1

Product Q/A of Beam155271 Adjustable Wand with Cord

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Questions and Answers for Beam155271 Adjustable Wand with Cord

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    I have a Beam Serenity Plus Power head, and believe I have this telescopic wand, however the power cord has a plug on the top end, but goes into the powerhead on the lower end, does not have a connection on the lower head as this one appears to have. Can you tell me what wand and power cord I need?


    There Serenity Plus Power Heads have two different style releases.  They have a quick release head that has a cord that is attached to the wand and come off when you detach the wand.  They also have a powerhead that has a cord that comes out of the powerhead that straps along the wand and plugs into the hose.  When the wand is removed, the cord stays attached to the powerhead.  Please call in at 800-533-3249 with options or send an email with a picture to [email protected] 

    Answered on: 10/19/2016 4:00:00 AM

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Posted By: on   6/22/2015 4:00:00 AM
Good service from the person on line who helped us complete the order.

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