Beam 110057 Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pk

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The Beam 110057 central vacuum bags are used in units that are designed with bagless filtration and have a utility inlet on the front of the unit.  The paper bag has 2 holes - one that fits on the intake and the other that fits on the utility inlet.   This package contains 3 replacement filter bags.

Vacuum units will operate more efficiently if bags are checked and changed on regular basis.  When bag is too full air flow is restricted making your vacuum unit work harder.  Changing the bag helps to maintain the vac unit at peak performance so that you are getting the most out of your central vacuum.

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Features of Beam110057 Central Vacuum Bags 3-Pk

  • Disposable Bag Type Paper

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  • Beam - SC300A
  • Beam - SC225A
  • Beam - SC225C
  • Beam - SC275A

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