Miele 05240306 Cord Reel S500 Series

Brand: Miele| Model Number: 05240306  | Product SKU: 26836 

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Cord Reel S500 Series

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Questions and Answers for Miele05240306 Cord Reel S500 Series

  • Q:

    Will this fit Miele Crystal S524, serial 71484808? Does this reel have improved plastic end of travel stops that will not break or is it the early model that has wimpy plastic stops? When was it manufactured? Thanks


    This reel fits the S500 series so you are good there.  Unsure if they have improved since first manufactured.  This item was purchased from Miele within the last few weeks so the age in our inventory is minimal.  They do not date code items without serial numbers.  

    Answered on: 9/26/2022 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    Does this reel fit model s312i?


    No, this is for the S500 series.  The S300 series cord reel has been discontinued.  Please call in to 800-533-3249 to discuss other options.

    Answered on: 3/10/2024 5:00:00 AM

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