Beam 050797 Progression Electric Hose 30 Ft Pigtail

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The Beam Progression Electric Hose is a replacement for a hose that is used with later model powerheads with round necks such as the RugMaster, Classic, Advocate and Solaire .  This hose will not work with the Q100 and Solaire powerheads that have oval necks.  In order for it to work with powerheads for which the plastic cord management bracket on the upper wand is even with the metal portion of the wand, a adapter plug will have to be purchased and installed in the handle of the hose.

This electric hose has a 3-way switch that provides control over the vacuum unit and powerhead.  It is crushproof for long-lasting durability.  The full-swivel handle helps eliminate kinking of the hose. 

The Beam Progression hose is available in 30 and 35 foot lengths and pigtail and direct connect wall ends.  This hose also replaces ones sold under the Electrolux, Eureka, Honeywell and Frigidaire brands.

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Features of Beam050797 Progression Electric Hose 30 Ft Pigtail

  • Hose Type Electric
  • Wall End Pigtail
  • Receptacle Flush
  • Construction Crushproof
  • Handle Type Gas Pump
  • Neck Shape Round
  • Color Gray

Specifications of Beam050797 Progression Electric Hose 30 Ft Pigtail

  • Diameter (In) 1 3/8"
  • Hose Length (ft) 35
  • Weight (lbs) 9

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