Beam 045518 Alliance Combo Rug Floor Tool

Brand: Beam| Model Number: 045518  | Product SKU: 54657 

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This product is No Longer Available.

The Beam 045518 Alliance Combo Rug/Floor Tool is a dual purpose tool.  The lever allows the Rug/Floor tool to go between smooth floor tool with brushes down and rug tool with the bristles retracted.  The bristles are stiff and effectively help to remove debris and have it swept away in the vacuum.

It is ideal in areas where you have both hard surfaces and carpets with short nap or area rugs that require light cleaning and you don't want to change tools.   The wheel facilitates easy movement over surfaces. 

The Alliance Combo Rug/Floor tool works only with the Alliance cleaning sets, new style 2G hoses with square necks.  It does not work with the Solaire and Q models.  This is not a universal tool.

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