Beam 045085 Beam Hand-Held Turbo Tool

Brand: Beam| Model Number: 045085  | Product SKU: 54642 

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Beam 045085  Hand-Held Turbo tool for central vacuums is ideal for cleaning upholstered furniture, carpeted stairs, and drapes.  It fit comfortably in your hand and is light weight. 

The suction of the central vacuum causes the agitator brush to spin making it more effective for loosening dirt debris to be vacuumed up.  The pivoting base and 180 degree swivel make it a very versatile tool.  It can be attached directly to the square neck on the hose handle or at the end of a square neck wand.

It does have a square neck so it is proprietary and works with the new style 2G hoses with square neck hoses and the Beam Alliance cleaning set.

Features of Beam045085 Beam Hand-Held Turbo Tool

  • Neck Shape Square

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