Beam 045055 SL100 Solaire Powerbrush

Brand: Beam| Model Number: 045055  | Product SKU: 52837 


This product is No Longer Available,view product info

The Beam SL100 Solaire Powerbrush is no longer available.  The Beam Q100 Electric Powerhead is the replacement. 

The Beam SL100 Solaire Powerbrush is manufacturered by Electrolux.  This powerhead is proprietary and has a square neck that is made to be used with Beam square neck wands.  The quick wand release allows the wand to be detached from the powerhead quickly and easily so that the wand can be connected to a floor brush or other tools. The wand is included with this powerhead.

Two large rear wheels and two smaller guide wheels allow the Solaire to glide easily over carpeting.  The wheels have steel axles and bearings for durability.  The floating head self adjusts to accommodate many different carpet heights.  The LED headlight illuminates any dark corners so you can see what your are vacuuming.  This powerhead also features a cogged belt that rarely needs to be replaced.  A circuit breaker protects the motor and belt by shutting the powerhead off when something is accidentally vacuumed up by mistake.

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Features of Beam045055 SL100 Solaire Powerbrush

  • Powerhead Type Electric
  • Ultra-Soft Carpet Compatible False
  • Height Adjustment Automatic
  • Hose Handle Compatibility Proprietary
  • Wand Buy Separately
  • Belt Type Cogged
  • Belt Protection True
  • Light LED
  • Dirt Sensor False
  • Quick-Disconnect True
  • Wheel Construction Rubber
  • Neck Shape Square
  • Squeegee False
  • Color Gray

Specifications of Beam045055 SL100 Solaire Powerbrush

  • Width (In) 13
  • Warranty-Years 3

Product Q/A of Beam045055 SL100 Solaire Powerbrush

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Reviews of Beam045055 SL100 Solaire Powerbrush

Product Documents for Beam045055 SL100 Solaire Powerbrush

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Questions and Answers for Beam045055 SL100 Solaire Powerbrush

  • Q:

    Power head does not turn on hose and switch are fine what. Could it be


    As long as their is power coming out of the hose handle, there could be no power coming out of the bottom of the wand.  If their is power coming out of the wand, then their could be a bad motor in the powerhead, broken wire in the powerhead neck, or bad circuit board in the powerhead.

    Answered on: 4/10/2017 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    <a href=""></a>I need a replacement power brush and currently have Model SL100A with serial number 19735028210. Is this the correct replacement?


    It is, but they are on back order for another few months as of 3/16/20.  You can use the Beam Q100 as a substitute. 

    Answered on: 3/16/2020 4:00:00 AM

  • Q:

    i am looking for a replacement for my SL100A power head. do you have any in stock yet. if not what are the differencies between the SL100 and the SL100A


    We do not have any in stock.  They tow models are similar.  We only have the Beam Q100 in stock. 

    Answered on: 11/18/2020 5:00:00 AM

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